Karma Performs in the GRAMMY Museum
February 26, 2020
Clover Go is Your Lucky Payment Charm
March 27, 2020

Going Cashless is Healthy for People and Profit

Good health—financial and physical—requires attention and protection. Contactless technology is insurance for a robust future; cashless donation solutions are remedies to the rescue. The World Health Organization concurs. According to an article in Forbes, a WHO spokesperson advised “people should use contactless payment technology where possible.” We make it possible!

There is no graceful way around it…greenbacks are grimy. Replacing cash with contactless and mobile pay weakens the spread of dangerous germs. CNN illuminates the Louvre museum will now accept only credit card payments; and, China is widely cashless. According to eMarketer, “nearly 50% of China's population used mobile payments to make purchases in the second quarter of 2019.” Amid coronavirus fears, South Korea's central bank burned some banknotes, and took all out of circulation for a fortnight.

In the darkest hour, we like to bring light with helpful, healthful solutions. Instant Karma safeguards transactions from Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and all major debit and credit cards. This valuable and potentially life-saving device can be integrated into interactive displays (check us out at the GRAMMY Museum!) to engage users and inspire cashless donations…no attendant required.

Human connection is necessary for wholehearted living; hand-to-hand community contact is not. A smile, air kisses, peace signs, elbow bumps, salutes…all spark kindness and gratitude. Practice these greetings, limit exposure to cash, avoid unwell people, and use mobile or contactless pay to keep bugs away.

Cashless convenience makes lives cleaner, easier, and more electrifying. Gone are the days of keeping up with the Joneses; say hello to keeping up with the Jetsons. Our perfect partner, Payter, is a world leader in contactless technology. Their cashless terminals make self-serve convenience stores a reality. These unattended shops are housed in shipping containers—smart, sustainable, and speedy. Selecting items from the mart is almost as easy as from your own refrigerator. Feel at home, on the go. See how it works in this lively video.

CNBC reports that Amazon’s cashierless checkout technology will be sold to retailers—soon to be seen in airports and movie theaters, and likely hit a home run in baseball stadium concession stands. “The cashierless technology powers Amazon Go stores, which allows shoppers to enter a store by scanning the Go app and exit without needing to stand in a checkout line. Cameras and sensors track what items they choose and charge them when they leave.” If needed, receipts can be generated. Wrap your head around this sensible concept, already implemented in 25 Go stores across the United States. The future has arrived.

Our wild and wonderful world needs care—let’s guarantee wellness and longevity with wise practices. Mind your Ps and Qs and the CDC. Stay well, wash your hands, sanitize your phone, and use contactless technology.