Our Mission

“To make a positive and lasting impact in the world.”

Making a positive and lasting impact in the world is an incredibly ambitious goal. It is ambition, coupled with passion, that drives progress and innovation. We are passionate about the success of your nonprofit organization. Specifically designed merchant services help you deliver on your unique mission.

Success of Our Partners

We believe nonprofits should be rewarded for their desire to improve the lives of others;
Karma Payments is devoted to offering industry-leading features at record low rates.

Incorporating our generous selection of intuitive products, impeccable customer service, and comprehensive resources
will optimize your financial goals, data management, and patron engagement.

Payments with a Purpose

Karma Payments saves you expensive processing fees. We provide a complete toolkit for the lifecycle of donations,
with secure, purpose-driven, and innovative payment solutions.

Our exclusive, all-in-one services empower your organization and streamline operations.
We invite you to partner with us tt realize your nonprofit’s full fundraising prowess. Let’s get to work.

Social Responsibility

Karma cares. Our team develops free online donation pages for nonprofit organizations across the nation. We partner with food banks to raise money and champion the fight against hunger. Donation kiosks are donated to nonprofits that cannot afford this luxury. The Karma crew volunteers time and services for local nonprofits, festivals, religious communities, and 5K runs to benefit admirable causes such as the American Cancer Society. We respect the environment using GoalZero’s solar panels and battery packs to power outdoor donation kiosks. Energized by goodwill, we continually seek new ways to give back. Karma Payments exists to make a positive and lasting impact in the world.