Making a Difference Through Lens of Payment Processing

Making a Positive and Lasting Difference in the World is an incredibly ambitious goal. While ambition alone often has negative connotations, it is ambition – coupled with passion that drives progress and innovation. While we are ambitious, we are passionate about the success of your Non-Profit Organization. We demonstrate this by providing merchant services, and education specifically designed to streamline the operations of your organization. In turn, helping your organization deliver on its specific mission.

Success of Our Non-Profit Partners

Success of our partners is of paramount importance to the mission of Karma Payments. We believe that Non-Profit Organizations should be rewarded for their selflessness and desire to improve the lives of those around them. As such, Karma Payments is devoted to offering industry leading features and products at record low rates.

Education of Our Non-Profit Partners

Any Non-Profit can benefit from using the wide selection of intuitive products and services we offer. However, it is our fundamental belief that offering comprehensive resources to our partners is key to achieving our ambitious goal of Making a Positive and Lasting Difference in the World.

We invite you to partner with us in our mission to Make a Positive and Lasting Difference in the World. Incorporating Karma Payments into your organization will assuredly optimize your organization’s financial position, and back office operations. Let’s get to work.

Payments with a Purpose

Partner with Karma Payments today - we'll work tirelessly to help you realize the mission of your organization.