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Our innovative payment solutions drive nonprofit prosperity
and patron vitality.

  • Safe and rewarding solutions with contactless technology.
  • Low-cost rates equal more funds for your organization.
  • Generate customized digital presentations to engage givers.
  • Collect donor data to energize fundraising opportunities.

Make giving pure and simple with cashless convenience. We intelligently align your operations with our dynamic products.

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Contactless Pay and Cards

We have developed an affordable, secure, and user-friendly payment platform, advantageous for all your nonprofit needs. Conveniently manage one-time and recurring donations. We will safeguard the entire donation lifecycle.


Electronic checks, popularly known as ACH, allow you to process contributions directly from your donor’s bank account. ACH payments often motivate more substantial, and frequent, donations.


Receive Donations Online


A variety of valuable features provides an organized framework to manage donations.

Our customer relationship software captures real-time data to raise awareness and help your nonprofit thrive.

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Streamline Donations

Accept Payments Anywhere

Our Instant Karma device accepts contactless pay and credit or debit cards. It is small and portable, and uses cellular networks to process donations. All transactions are encrypted to ensure financial data is secure. Send donors receipts via text or email.

Promote Philanthropy

Choose from three devices—Tabletop, Mobile, Integrated—and start growing your charitable abundance. Simply power on the device and begin raising funds in seconds.

Bonus! Sell your merchandise, event tickets, and refreshments using a built-in shopping cart.

Envision a Robust Future

Bolster one-time giving options with a choice for recurring donations—weekly, monthly, annually. Instant Karma is the only device on the market that programs multiple pre-set amounts for donors to consider.

Protect Repeat Revenue

The Account Updater feature obtains and maintains up-to-date credit and debit card information. No need to worry about lost account numbers due to expiration, theft, or change of address.

A Powerful All-in-One Platform

Comprehensive Reports

Forecast giving cycles and identify donors with our elite engagement software. Various data options orchestrate mailing lists to target actual and potential benefactors.

Donation Management

We provide tools to help you strategically manage your donations and donor database. Data is presented in multiple formats to support fundraising efforts.

Permission-Based User Support

Regulate access for varied team members and volunteers within your nonprofit. Add multiple users with respective privileges to perform tasks such as collecting donations, paying vendors, and researching data.

We are passionate about the success of your organization. Our industry-leading, cost-effective features support your cause.