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Credit Card Donations

Accepting Cards for donation is the easiest way to raise money for your cause. We've created a credit card donation platform that is affordable, secure and user-friendly. Whether you are small nonprofit or a church seeking to raise funds or a large nonprofit looking to manage your one time and recurring donations, we cover the entire donation lifecycle.

Electronic Check Donations

Electronic Check or eCheck, popularly known as ACH, is a powerful way to simply and securely accept donations for a nonprofit. ACH donations allow you to process one time or recurring donations directly from your donors bank account. ACH donations often lead to more frequent and higher donations.


Receive Payments through Custom Online Donation Pages

Additionally, you can collect donor and donation data using custom fields to assist with forecasting, tracking and account receivable activities. This feature helps you manage your donor base and get real-time data tied to donations that help you understand donor sentiment. This kind of real-time sentiment signaling can be used in conjunction with big data tools to forecast donor behavior among other things. Learn more.


Mobile Donations Made Easy

Accept Credit Cards Anywhere

Our mobile payment solutions allow you to accept Credit Card payments using your mobile phone. Each transaction is encrypted end-to-end to ensure that your financial data is secure at all times during and after the transaction.

Based on your requirements, you can text your receipts via SMS or email receipts to your donors. Additionally, you can sell campaign or event merchandise using our in-built shopping cart.

Maximized Mobile Payments

Karma Payments offers a variety of EMV and swipe readers to choose from based on your organization's needs. Our mobile app allows for traditional swiped transactions, as well as next-generation chip and contactless transactions.

Simply connect, and in seconds you and your volunteer/staff will be able to sell merchandise, food, beverage and more! All payment solutions are fully encrypted, eliminating the risk of data theft and fraud.

Recurring Donations

One of the biggest indicators of a stable donor base is the number of recurring donations your organization receives on a monthly or an annual basis. Our recurring donation feature enables you to augment or replace your one time donation event with recurring donations. This simple shift can help your organization get more focused on long-term horizons and activities. Additionally, you can reallocate your time and resources freed up from the task of collecting donations and apply it elsewhere.

Account Updater

It is critical for recurring card-based donations to have up-to-date donor card information. Credit and debit card numbers change for a variety of reasons including card expiration and compromised account numbers among others. Organizations using recurring donations can lose valuable revenue if payment information is out-of-date. The Account Updater feature shifts the workload of obtaining and maintaining updated account information to us.

A Powerful Virtual Terminal

Comprehensive Reporting

Our comprehensive reporting allows nonprofits to forecast revenue for different time intervals. The reports can also be used to identify donors whose donation schedules are expiring to allow nonprofit the time to recommit donors to its cause. Multiple data export options allow nonprofits to build mailing lists that can be used to identify donors for new fundraisers.

Donation Management

We provide you the tools to better manage the seasonality of your donations. We give your donor data in multiple formats to help with new fundraising effort, we provide you canned and adhoc reports for insight into your donation cycles and finally we provide you multiple donation channels to help donors choose the best option that suits their wallet.

Permission Based User Management

Our permission based user management allows you to add multiple users into the system with different permissions based on their role. You can restrict or grant access to each individual, whether it’s a volunteer or an employee, to perform tasks like collecting donations, refunds, reporting and paying vendors etc.

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