The Instant Karma Terminal

Tap to Donate, Touch to Give.

By using the latest in contactless technology, we have developed a new and exciting way to donate that is as quick and easy as putting money in a bucket.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn the terminal on and off?
There is a black on/off switch at the back of the terminal. Simply push the switch to the on position and the terminal will be ready to accept donations.The terminals are designed to be left on all day.
How should I hold the mobile terminal?
The mobile terminal comes with a built-in handle. Hold this with the donation screen towards the person giving a donation.
How do I set up a donation?
There is no need to set up the donation amount. The terminals are programmed to accept multiple set donations e.g. ($2, $5, $10). By pressing the button, you can increase the amount to other pre-set values. It automatically reverts back to the default amount after a donation or after by pressing twice. The donations amounts can be adjusted by contacting support or logging in online with admin access.
Where should the donor hold their card on the terminal?
On the face of each terminal you can see the payment screen and underneath this is the contactless symbol. The donor needs to ‘tap’ their card, phone or watch on the wireless symbol until the terminal registers the presence of the card.
How does contactless work?
If there’s a contactless symbol on the front of your credit, debit card or if your phone, or watch uses Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay you can start paying with contactless right away. There is no need to register to use the functionality. You can make a contactless payment at any retailer that displays the contactless acceptance symbol. Just touch your contactless card to the contactless reader and hold until you hear the beep and the display confirms your transaction has been successful.
How long will a donation take?
Each donation should take a couple of seconds to go through. If the signal is poor it could take up to 5 seconds.
How will I know the donation is completed?
On the face of the unit, underneath the “Karma Payments” logo, there are a row of four lights. These will all light up once the donation is complete. The terminal will also beep and there will be a notification on the screen that confirms that the donation has been accepted. Once the donation is complete, the supporter can remove their card.
How long does the battery last on the mobile device?
The terminals are designed to last 8 hours after a full charge. However, depending on the number of transactions they are used for, they may last longer.
Can I recharge the mobile terminal?
Yes –there is a charging port on the back of the device, next to the on/off switch.
How can I see the terminal is connected?
The bars show the signal strength of the 3G/HSPA connection. When the terminal is connecting the ‘i’ will be blinking. As soon as the ‘i‘ is on the connection has been established with the 3G/HSPA network and the modem is working properly.
Do all payment cards work with the terminal?
The terminals are currently able to accept donations from all Visa, MasterCard debit or credit cards, American Express, Discover Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.
What do I do if somebody would like to donate more or less than $X?
The donation terminal is set up to accept a default donations that are preset from enrollment. By pressing the button, you can increase the amount to other pre-set values. It automatically reverts back to the default amount after a donation or after by pressing a few times.
Can a supporter add gift aid to their donation?
No supporter data is captured during a contactless transaction, and Charity have no further opportunity to capture supporter data in this instance. For this reason, gift aid cannot be added to a transaction. The idea behind these terminals is that supporters can still donate if they don’t have any cash or prefer to donate via contactless, and so, as with traditional bucket collections, we won’t take any personal data from the donor.
Do the terminals provide receipts?
No –receipts are not required for contactless payments and the same is true when taking contactless donations.Just as with cash donations collected in buckets, we aren’t required or expected to provide a receipt.
What do I do if the donor asks for a receipt?
If the donor would really like a receipt, you can have an admin with your organization login to the gateway and print a receipt.
What happens if someone presents their card twice by mistake? Could they get charged twice?
When the terminals detect a card presence, it’s very obvious,so it will be difficult to double tap and donate twice by accident. Accidental taps done very closely together won’t be accepted by the terminal.What’s more, most banks have rules in place to protect against this, so should the card be presented twice by mistake, it is likely that the second donation will be blocked by the supporter’s bank.If this happens, please advise the donor to check with their bank.
Are we able to refund donations on the day?
Yes refunds can be administered through the online gateway. You will need to contact the admin at your organization to process a refund.
Why has the donor’s contactless donation been declined?
If the contactless donation is declined, this could be because the supporter has insufficient funds in their bank account. It is also possible that they have reached their maximum number of contactless payments for that day, although this happens very rarely.
How does this contactless donation work and is it secure?
A contactless donation works in the same way as any other contactless payment, protected by the same secure connections that Visa and MasterCard use to protect payments.