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February 3, 2020
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March 11, 2020

Karma Performs in the GRAMMY Museum

Live from Los Angeles, California…Instant Karma is in music mecca’s spotlight at the GRAMMY Museum. Interactive displays amplify cashless giving opportunities; they engage fans and inspire instant philanthropy. Hello music to our ears! Patrons who donate via tapping, dipping, or swiping (sounds like a dance move) with mobile pay or any major card will have their name and song selection presented on screen in the Daily Donor list.

Would you like to conduct a masterpiece for your nonprofit organization? Karma Payments will set the stage for a standing ovation in your preferred locale. Contact us to create dazzling donor experiences. We’ll harmonize with your theme by integrating Instant Karma—our payment solutions device, not John Lennon’s tuneful ballad. (Although we think almost as cool.)

“Yeah we all shine on…”