Instant Karma Donation Device

Inspire clean, cashless, compassionate giving...
anytime, anywhere!

  • Thrive with unattended contactless technology.
  • Small, lightweight, handheld size, and portable.
  • Accept multiple pre-set donation amounts.
  • Purchase, lease monthly, or rent per event.
Custom Branding

Custom Branding

Enliven patron awareness with one-of-a-kind messaging, tailored for your organization. Our designers will collaborate with you to fashion your personalized Instant Karma device.

Innovative Donor Experiences

Transcend common fundraising methods with a multimedia presentation for your audience. Integrate Instant Karma into a donation stand, box, or interactive exhibit.

Optimize Giving

Instant Karma is the only equipment in its class to offer numerous pre-set donation amounts, established by you. Conveniently modify the dollar value with the touch of a button.

Offline Donations

Somewhere with no cell signal or internet connection? No problem. Up to 1500 transactions can be stored offline and processed once a mobile connection is restored.

The Supremacy of Nonprofit Donations

We live in a world where convenience is paramount for progress. People use cash less and cards more. Don’t let your nonprofit be disadvantaged: Master the art of modern donation collecting with Instant Karma—where contactless pay and credit card options offer simplicity and security.

Leave Instant Karma at your front door, the local grocery store, or in a community gathering place and watch donations to your organization skyrocket.

Each device can be set to accept multiple donations amounts from all Visa and MasterCard debit or credit cards, American Express, Discover Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Instant Karma is available in three models: Tabletop, Mobile, and Integrated. They are all weatherproof, user-friendly, and operate autonomously. That’s right, no human attendant required.

Instant Karma Models


Security You Can Trust

All transactions are fully encrypted at the time of donation, eliminating the risk of fraud or theft; the device is completely tamper-proof.

Instant Gratification

No lengthy setup required, Instant Karma is ready to use once you receive your model. Simply open the box, power on, and start accepting donations.
Cell Signal

Modern Convenience

Instant Karma is intuitive and easy to use. No login or need to pair with other devices; tap a credit card or phone to the model and watch the magic happen.

Authentic Connections

Meet your donors wherever they are—outdoor space, nonprofit institution, private gala, shopping plaza. Accept donations anywhere with a cell signal, no internet connection necessary.

CRM Software

Guide your organization’s strategy with our donor engagement platform. Time-saving software manages your donations, patrons, and events—all on one useful site.

An automated system, tailored for you, curates comprehensive data to track annual donation totals, giving cycles (what goes around, comes around), and most profitable locations—lobby, city plaza, grocery store, festival, online). We’ll help you analyze data to spark insights for success.


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