The Instant Karma Terminal

Inspire Donations Anywhere

Accept Donations Anytime, Anywhere

Configure Multiple Donation Amounts

Create Unique Multimedia User Experiences


Configure Multiple Donation Amounts

There is no need to purchase multiple devices to have different donation amounts. Simply increase or decrease donation amounts at the touch of a button.
Custom Branding

Custom Branding

Compel your donors to donate with personalized messaging and custom branding. Our designers will work with you and your organization to create a terminal that is engaging and inspiring for your donors.

Offline Acceptance

Somewhere with no cellular signal or internet connection? The Instant Karma can store up to 1500 transactions offline. The terminal will process all transactions once an internet or cellular connection is restored.

Easily Integrated for Exhibits

Instant Karma is the most flexible donation tool for nonprofit donations. Integrate Instant Karma into a donation stand, box, or an interactive exhibit. An SDK gives Instant Karma the ability to play a thank you video, or even trigger an immersive donor experience.

The Future of Nonprofit Donations

Cash and Check Donations are on the decline. Our world has grown largely paperless and so should your nonprofit. Introducing Instant Karma; the modern replacement for your cash box or check deposit box. Accept Credit Card donations with greater ease, security, and convenience than using a traditional cash box. Leave Instant Karma at your front door, in your lobby, at the local grocery store, at a festival, or even in the middle of the public square and watch your organization's donations rise exponentially.
Each terminal can be configured to accept multiple donations amounts ($2, $5, $10, $25) from any contactless, EMV chip or regular swipe Visa or MasterCard Credit/Debit card. Donations can also be accepted through Apple Pay, Samsung and Android Pay, as long as the donor’s bank account is linked to a Visa or MasterCard Debit Card.
Instant Karma comes in 3 models: Mobile, Tabletop, and Integrated. They have been designed to withstand the all-weather conditions, to be user-friendly, and to operate autonomously- that's right, no human attendant required.

Instant Karma Models


Top Notch Security

All transactions are fully encrypted at the time of donation. Instant Karma is completely tamper-proof. Being completely cashless, Instant Karma also eliminates risk of theft.

Ready to Go Out of the Box

Instant Karma is ready to go as soon as you recieve it. Simply turn it on and start accepting donations. No lengthy setup or exterior devices required.
Cell Signal

3G/4G Cellular Modem

Accept donations anywhere with a cellular signal. Meet your donors where they are in a city square, a festival, a rally, or any spot with no wired internet connection.

Intuitive and Easy to Use

The use of the terminal is simple and intuitive. No pairing with other devices, no login, just power on and go. All you need to do to donate is to tap your card or phone to the reader.

Ready to start fundraising?

Frequently Asked Questions

What about tax receipts?
For tax deduction purposes, receipts are not required by the IRS for donations of $249.99 or less. A credit/bank statement will suffice for proof of donation. For those needing receipts for donations greater than this amount, please contact the organization to which you donated to request an acknowledgement of your donation.
Are transactions secure?
All transactions are secured, and encrypted from the moment a donation is initiated. Instant Karma securely transmits the data; data cannot be intercepted and abused by ill-willed third parties.
Does Karma Payments provide the surrounding marketing plate?
Karma Payments' design team is thrilled to work with your team to design an engaging marketing plate that will compel people to donate. After signing up, a Karma Payments team member will contact you for a design consultation.
How should I hold the mobile terminal?
The mobile terminal comes with a built-in handle. Hold this with the donation screen towards the person giving a donation.
How do I set up a donation?
There is no need to set up the donation amount. The terminals are programmed to accept multiple set donations that are determined during the enrollment period e.g. ($2, $5, $10). By pressing the button, you can increase the amount to other pre-set values. It automatically reverts back to the default amount after a donation or after by pressing twice. You can change the donations amounts by contacting our support team or working with your organizations admin.
Where should the donor hold their card on the terminal?
On the face of each terminal you can see the payment screen and underneath this is the contactless symbol. The donor needs to ‘tap’ their card on the wireless symbol until the terminal registers the presence of the card.
More FAQ
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