Park Silly Sunday Market
June 5, 2019

35,000 Decisions

A 2012 Columbia University Study revealed that humans make 35,000 decisions a day on average. “I’m going to hold the door for this lovely woman behind me,” or “I am going to hit snooze for the, now fourth time because if I am going to be late, go big or go home.” Although some decisions are mostly unconscious and meaningless, some of these decisions have the power to shape the rest of our day, month, year, or a lifetime. We are faced with the opportunity to be a blessing, or to make a positive impact on someone or something in our network. There are groups of people in this world who spend a majority of their 35,000 decisions trying to make a positive and lasting impact on the world around them. These are the changemakers with whom Karma Payments chooses to align.

When our parent company PayZang launched in 2012, we noticed we had a large onboarding of nonprofit organizations that were underserved in the merchant services industry. This onboarding led to extensive research into the nonprofit space. We sought out the real pain points of nonprofit organizations and developed industry-specific products, features, and resources to lay the groundwork for Karma Payments. While Karma Payments itself may be new, our team of payments specialists has collectively been at this for more than six years; some individuals having over two decades of industry experience. But more importantly, our team has the heart to serve.

"Countless companies are looking to capitalize on nonprofit organizations, and it’s not morally right in our eyes."

Believe it or not, it is difficult for a merchant services provider to have the same sort of impact as a nonprofit organization. With this in mind, we attack this hurdle with a straightforward mission: To Make a Positive and Lasting Impact on the World Around Us. We choose to serve those who serve by providing the best possible support, with excellent features, and all at the lowest cost possible. That’s it. We won’t make you sign some obscure contract, we won’t charge hidden fees, and we certainly won't actively seek opportunities to provide your organization with unnecessary features or add-ons. Countless companies are looking to capitalize on nonprofit organizations, and it’s not morally right in our eyes.

Use your 35,000 decisions a day to help constituents in your district, beneficiaries in your community, and to make a positive and lasting impact on those around you. 35,000 decisions may seem like a lot, but they shouldn’t be used on choosing a payments provider who doesn’t care about your mission, your ambitions, and your needs. Karma Payments is passionate about your success.

Partner with Karma Payments. Our team of dedicated specialists will help fulfill your organization's mission.