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The Complete Toolkit For Nonprofit Donations

Karma Payments has built the most powerful and flexible tools for donation management that are also easy to use. Whether you’re creating a one-time or recurring donation or providing your donors an online donation option for the first time, we make it simple for donors to fund your cause. Our multi-channel donation options allow your donors to donate in person using our mobile app or donate online using a browser or over the phone.

Our customizable online donation pages allow card and ACH donations while collecting donor and donation data that helps you plan your next event or fundraising activity.

Some of the most innovative nonprofits are scaling their donation collections and creating a grassroots campaign by building their donation infrastructure on Karma Payments.

Often your choices are dictated by the limitations of a donation platform. Karma Payments puts the donor and nonprofits at the center of its platform enabling donor and donation growth while extending the reach of the nonprofit to add new donation methods and payment channels like ACH.

End-to-end Donation Management

Karma Payments provides nonprofits complete control of its donation cycle. From a donation collections perspective, we offer custom online donation pages, multiple payment channels (card and echeck) and various donation methods (one time or recurring). From a donation management perspective, we provide comprehensive reporting (regular and ad-hoc), contribution forecasting tools, credit card expiration notification and enterprise account updater (eliminate issues with card expiration and compromised card numbers). Our forecasting tools can be used to identify donations that are left in a donation schedule or contributions running in perpetuity.

Our recurring contribution engine gives you the ability to mimic or substitute payroll deduction for donations. It also enhances your ability to time the gift by providing frequency or interval options. The recurring contribution engine creates a perennial revenue mechanism and allows nonprofits to better address seasonality of donations by smoothing over feast or famine scenarios.

The Most Comprehensive Plugin Ecosystem

Karma Payments supports native integration with, the most widely used gateway online. Nonprofits have the flexibility to keep its integration with existing gateways like with a Karma Payments account or use our feature-rich portal that also provides over 175 plugins for software and services in a variety of categories.

If you are using a software or service that is not included in our plugin library, our platform allows you to export all relevant data for one time, scheduled and recurring donations in CSV and Excel format. In addition, you can use our extensive API to access the same data in real-time.

Our export configuration allows you to choose which data elements to include in the export using configurable templates. You can choose to name your headers, the order of data elements and the data type of each data element.

If you are using a plugin that supports but is not present in our catalog of compatible plugins, we provide a general purpose emulator that supports both Card and Electronic Check payments enabling you to use our platform seamlessly without a costly integration effort.

Our platform is designed for extensibility from the ground up allowing API or export-based data sharing for nonprofits of all sizes.


   Substitute Sensitive Data With Tokens
    PCI P2P (Point To Point Encryption)
PCI DSS Level 1 compliant
Unified Token Vault
    Recognize Donation Across All Channels


IRS Compliance For 501(c)(3)&(4)
   Enables Greater Confidence in Donors
   Eliminates Non-Compliance Systemic Risk that P2P payments Like Venmo and Paypal Create
PCI Compliance
    Encryption & Tokenization Make PCI Compliance Much Easier


One of the most significant barriers to entry for using new donation platform happens to be existing integrations and considerations around sunk cost that can be prohibitive for nonprofits. Karma Payments allows you to keep your existing integration with and other gateways.

If you are creating a new website, app or service, use our comprehensive API to capture and manage your donor data. Additionally, you can use custom fields to pass through data that identify your donors across platforms and services.

Our unified token vault is accessible via the API, and it provides you with the ability to create a seamless user experience across different services. This token ensures compliance with the most stringent data access standards while allowing you the flexibility to connect several services to orchestrate your SaaS system or App. We provide sample code for several languages and have bootstrap code available for iOS and Android. Sandbox accounts are available on request.

Partner with Karma Payments today and allow our team of dedicated specialists help your organization fulfill the purpose of your mission.