Online Donation Page

Are you considering adding a page for donations to your website?
PayZang will be glad to offer you a hosted page that includes features for accepting, processing and depositing the charitable contributions you receive online.
There’s no question that the Internet is an essential form of communication. People of all ages are becoming reliant on it for keeping in touch, learning about various topics and even paying bills. Integrating an option for learning about causes and making online payments shows your contributors that you understand this concept.
PayZang is a payment processing expert, passionate about supporting the charitable giving of patrons.

We do this by designing, hosting and maintaining a page through which you can accept all of your donations. All we need is the link to your existing site. Please know that we place a huge importance on your security, as well as that of your donors.

In another vein, we make it possible to fully customize your online donation page. Despite the fact that our service is simple and easy to use, we don’t want you to sacrifice style, or the brand voice that you’ve worked so hard to establish. PayZang can connect you with a number of features and styles that keep us in the background, and put your brand and cause at the forefront.