Group Fundraising

It can be tough to gather the donations you need for your group. Whether you manage a youth association, mission organization or casual hobby group, asking for and receiving money to support your various endeavors is a challenge. For a method that can help increase your donor base, the number of donations and maybe even the amount of individual donations, consider using the PayZang group fundraising program and/or mobile applications. This electronic system caters to today’s need for convenience and accessibility, and facilitates increased giving to your cause
Contributors to group fundraisers are often people who are not a part of the group themselves. This means that the guarantee of security is an absolute must. One mistake and it could mean a loss of thousands of potential dollars in your bank account. Avoid this by going with a reputable company like PayZang. Organizers of fundraisers will discover that an electronic system cuts costs and increases efficiency.
When you don’t have to spend as much time physically collecting money, putting it in the bank and following up with donators, you earn back significant resources that can be diverted to the other needs of your group. Enjoy some of the following benefits with a PayZang account for donation collection:
Take it a step beyond simply accepting payments online, and consider accepting payment made on mobile devices.

Just about everyone has a smartphone or something similar these days, and chances are, they’re more likely to make a contribution through that channel than any other. Meet your patrons where they are, and offer the option of mobile donation applications from PayZang. Feel free to contact PayZang for more information on accepting electronic contributions to your group fundraiser. We’ll be glad to give you a leg up.
Simple integration with your main bank account.

Excellent remote deposit capture options.

Accurate reporting on your contributions.

Automatically generated confirmations.

One time payments, or ongoing recurring donation schedules.