API Integration

Karma Payments offers API integration to enhance our services and boost nonprofit productivity.

Potential donors can send contributions to your payment gateway through an internet-connected mobile device and receive a fast XML response.

As most people carry a mobile phone, this feature makes it simple to capture and process donations anytime, anywhere.

Karma Payments' developers have made it easy to integrate your applications with the same functionality we offer via our services.

Essentially, API technology integrates with a mobile device and apps, turning your smartphone, tablet, or computer into a donation acceptance device.
More About API Integration

Karma Payments' API technology consists of two main elements to improve eCheck processing, ACH, and credit or debit card processing. Both elements share a common interface, making it simple to choose the API that best meets your needs. Our customer service and development team provides API support on major systems like Windows (XP, Vista and Windows 7), Mac operating systems, and Linux systems; and language support for C, C#, Java script, Java, Perl, Visual Basic, PHP, and more.
What we offer to assist with charitable giving:

Donor Profile Setup: Securely configure your donor profiles with payment information, recurring donation schedules, and additional pertinent information. As an added measure of security, you can store this data on PCI compliant Karma Payments systems, instead of on your mobile device or computer.

Donations by Card: Integrate API with your applications to accept and process donations made with credit or debit cards from any location. You can accept both card present and card not present contributions, as well as create recurring donation schedules.

Donations by eCheck: This component functions like our card donation API, accepting contributions directly from the donor’s checking or savings account with the ACH (Automated Clearing House) system.