Create Unique Donor Experiences

  • Let donors select from pre-set donation amounts
  • Engage donors with interactive exhibits
  • Create custom branding with unique messaging
  • Buy, lease, or rent Instant Karma Devices

Go beyond donations with the Instant Karma Experience!

The Complete Toolkit for Nonprofit Donations

Accept Donations Anytime, Anywhere
With mobile apps, online donations, custom kiosks, and eCommerce websites.

Seamless Credit Card and ACH Donations
We are a full service payment processor with the ability to customize solutions.

One-Time or Recurring Donations
Give your donors the choice to customize the frequency of their donations (weekly, monthly, yearly.)

Comprehensive donor data
We have created a centralized platform for tracking donor data, managing multiple locations, multiple events, and overseeing other fundraising initiatives.

Custom online donation pages
Our customizable online donation pages allow for Card and ACH giving while collecting unique donor data.


Schedule a free consultation with a Karma Payments Nonprofit advocate and allow our team of dedicated specialists to help your organization fulfill the purpose of your mission.


The Most Comprehensive Plugin Ecosystem

Karma Payments supports native integration with, the most widely used gateway online. Nonprofits have the flexibility to keep its integration with existing gateways like with a Karma Payments account or use our feature-rich portal that also provides over 175 plugins for software and services in a variety of categories.


     Substitute Sensitive Data With Tokens

     PCI P2P (Point To Point Encryption)

PCI DSS Level 1 compliant

Unified Token Vault
     Recognize Donation Across All Channels


IRS Compliance For 501(c)(3)&(4)
     Enables Greater Confidence in Donors

Protect Data & Reduce Risk
     Eliminates Non-Compliance Systemic Risk
     that P2P payments Like Venmo and Paypal Create

PCI Compliance
     Encryption & Tokenization Make PCI Compliance Much Easier


One of the most significant barriers to entry for using new donation platform happens to be existing integrations and considerations around sunk cost that can be prohibitive for nonprofits. Karma Payments allows you to keep your existing integration with and other gateways. If you are creating a new website, app or service, use our comprehensive API to capture and manage your donor data. Additionally, you can use custom fields to pass through data that identify your donors across platforms and services.