Virtual Terminal for Phone Donations

In financial transactions, a terminal is the physical point at which you begin the exchange of money. In the grocery store it could be the credit card machine where you swipe your card. Online it might be a shopping cart and checkout feature where you provide personal information.

Maximize donations by offering multiple ways for patrons to support your cause: Face-to-face, online, mail, or telephone. While many people do business online or on mobile devices, others still use a landline. Karma Payments offers nonprofits a virtual terminal to accept donations over the phone.

Patrons are more likely to contribute in larger amounts when they feel their preferences are honored. Don’t miss out on a valuable resource; it literally pays to provide the option for giving via telephone.

Be confident: Karma Payments takes every measure possible to ensure the security and protection of personal and financial information.

Benefits of using the telephone terminal include:

Process credit and debit card payments, as well as eChecks

Validate card and eCheck numbers quickly and accurately

Customizable features

Accept one-time or recurring payments

Reliable reporting services

You can rely on Karma Payments to be fast, reliable, accurate, and safe. Contact us to find out how you can easily accept donations over the phone with our virtual terminal.