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October 14, 2019
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February 3, 2020

Utes Build Karma for the 26th Annual Food Drive

University of Utah ambassadors kicked off the Utes versus UCLA football game with a charitable goal. Instant Karma played quarterback, running plays for donations to the Utah Food Bank.

Karma Payments donated fourteen mobile devices to raise funds during tailgating festivities. Students helped fight hunger by parading signs and smiles amidst fans, encouraging cash and cashless contributions for the cause.

Simple and secure: Tap and go mobile pay and credit card acceptance increased the frequency and generosity of giving. Touchdown!

For more than 115 years, the Utah Food Bank has sustained children, adults, and seniors in need. Every day, they serve meals to nearly 400,000 Utahns who risk going hungry. Community giving equals 38 percent of this nonprofit’s annual donations. That is an impressive number of caring people assisting humankindness. A hearty thank you to everyone who makes a difference.

It was a victorious day, with big wins for the Utah Food Bank and the Utes. We’re looking forward to being a star player for the 27th annual Utah Food Drive next year.