Sports Funds

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” - Pablo Picasso

A winning combination: Be in total control of your fundraising efforts and partner with Karma Payments. Take the podium with leading-edge payment solutions. All you need is a smartphone or our weatherproof, take with you anywhere Instant Karma device.

Be a team player. Put your best foot forward and offer fans unobstructed ways to contribute to your cause. Meet them on the trails, course, field, or court: Donations can be made anytime, anywhere with Instant Karma or via our mobile app.

Have a phone? Simply connect, click, and receive mobile pay, eCheck, and all major cards. No internet or cell service, no problem. Transactions are recorded and will be processed once a connection is restored.

Karma Payments integrates our all-in-one services with your existing operations. Feel like a champion with exclusive services tailored for you.

  • Receive and track donations in real time.
  • Slash expensive transaction processing costs.
  • Safeguard fraud prevention with data encryption.
  • 100% PCI and IRS compliant.
  • Partner with expert designers to brand your site and Instant Karma.
  • Data collection software analyzes your donor base and giving cycles.
  • Build customized online payment forms.

Your organization will be victorious with our easy-to-use and inexpensive platform.

Receive a greater volume of contributions in larger amounts.
Rally a record-breaking donor base.
Regulate website access for team members and volunteers.
Sell merchandise, tickets, and more via an online shopping cart.
Call the shots with hands-on customer service.