Accept Cashless Tithes Anytime, Anywhere

Contactless technology makes giving clean and easy. Capture safe and secure credit card donations in-person and on your website.

  • Free custom online donation pages
  • Contactless credit card donation kiosks
  • 24/7 customer support

We make offerings safe, secure, and simple.

Easily accept donations from Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, plus Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards, American Express, and Discover with Instant Karma or Apollo—self-serve, digital collection devices.

  • Donors select their donation amount and tap, dip, or swipe for instant giving.

  • Credit card donation kiosks are renewed offering baskets; digital displays created be our design team engage donors, with or without an attendant.

  • Empower a clean, healthy environment. No hand-to-hand contact with people, currency, or traditional card terminals required.

  • We custom-make complimentary online donation pages for every organization and provide impeccable customer service around the clock, across the globe.
  • Reinventing how you collect tithes can help sustain your church.

    Instant Karma is like an angel on your shoulder. It is easy to use, handheld size, portable, and weatherproof; no login or need to pair with other devices.

    All transactions are fully encrypted at the time of donation, eliminating the risk of fraud and theft.

    Devices may be logo branded with custom branding plates (on-site giving kiosks can be vinyl-wrapped) and integrated into an existing cash donation box—or placed in a lobby, local market, or community gathering place to magnify giving opportunities.

    Apollo and Instant Karma can help increase tithes and offerings up to 600% (holy moly!) and may be purchased, leased monthly, or rented for one-time events.

    Leading edge technology seamlessly integrates with your operations and website. If you don’t have a website, we will create one for you at no additional cost.

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    Our products open doors to receive larger donations, more often.

    We provide a transcendent payment platform at minimum cost—granting more funds to assist where needed. It’s all-inclusive payment solutions heaven!

    Our dedicated team assists religious leaders to improve online search engine optimization, readability, layout, functionality, and attractive presentation.

    Powerful tools strategically manage donations and donor databases.

    Instant Karma devices are controlled through a centralized, web-based platform, and provide instantaneous statistics on every donation, including first and last name of donor.

    Intuitive software tracks data from all locations, multiple events, weekly/monthly/annual donations totals, and other initiatives in real-time.

    Religious leaders can forecast giving cycles and identify donors with our comprehensive engagement software.

    Reports may be generated based on transaction time period, site, device identifier, donor information, and dollar amount.