Recurring Rewards

“Life is a boomerang. What you give, you get.” - Anonymous

Fingers crossed for repeat donations? We’ll bring you good luck. Karma Payments authorizes recurring charitable contributions. Invite your benefactors to customize the frequency of their donations, including subscription potential—weekly, monthly, annually.

Discover where to find funds in your current database.

Account Updater obtains and maintains up-to-date card information.

No lost account numbers due to expiration, theft, or change of address.

System is 100% PCI and IRS compliant.
Your own Sherlock Holmes: Intuitive software tracks data for annual donation totals, giving cycles, most lucrative locations (lobby, city plaza, market, festival, online), multiple events, and other fundraising initiatives.

Solve your mysteries with our affordable, secure, and user-friendly payment platform. We will safeguard the entire donation lifecycle.

  • eChecks, popularly known as ACH, allow you to process contributions directly from your donor’s bank account.
  • ACH payments often motivate more substantial, and frequent, donations.
  • Mobile pay and all major cards are accepted via our mobile app, customized donation pages, and Instant Karma.
  • Small enough to be handheld, Instant Karma invites custom branding and uses cellular networks for payment processing.
  • Cook up a rewarding future with proof in the pudding methods.

    We will provide recommendations for converting your statistics—and patrons—into action.