Online Payment Features

Effortless Integration

Karma Payments' online payment pages are easily integrated into your existing website. Our team of dedicated specialists will take weight off your shoulders by providing your organization with dedicated support.

Detailed Reporting

Online payment pages securely work in tandem with Instant Karma, and provide meticulous reports. Gather valuable information from processing, generate financial reports, and monitor transaction activity, instantly.

Unique Design Options

Highlight your brand on a personalized online payment page.
Integrate logos, desired forms of payment, and types of information you would like to collect from donors.

Securely Web Hosted

Protect sensitive donor information from fraud. Our online payment pages are securely web hosted on encrypted servers. Never run the risk of being held liable for unsecure payment collection.
Accept Online Contributions with Ease

Accepting donations online is a foolproof way to increase annual contributions. Providing donors with an easy way to give, anytime, anywhere, will help your organization quickly, easily, and securely capture resources—otherwise untapped if left to traditional fundraising methods.

Karma Payments’ online payment pages are designed to seamlessly integrate into your operations. They are artfully branded to reflect your organization’s desired look and feel. Invite our team of dedicated specialists to create and maintain your payment processing solutions.
We will give you the tools necessary to make a lasting difference.

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