Multiple Users

Remember the saying, “Too many hands in the till?”
When you can’t track who was working with money, and when, the risk for human error escalates.

Karma Payments is proficient in payment acceptance, processing, and organizational operations.
We serve companies both large and small, and understand varying needs of money handling.
Choose who, what, where, and when with permission-based access.

Valuable features provide an organized framework to manage donations, events, and operations.
Regulate access for varied team members and volunteers within your nonprofit.
Add multiple users with respective privileges to perform tasks such as collecting donations, paying vendors, and researching data.
Set specific permissions for each user, ensuring individuals only have access to the information they need.

Our mission is to streamline your entire donation process, whether you are a team of one or 100. We create secure and reliable solutions to ultimately earn more money for your cause.