Mobile Applications to Accept Donations at Events

There’s no question that mobile devices are here to stay. Most people have some sort of tablet or smartphone that they can carry everywhere, and do just about anything with. If you run a non-profit organization or other group that needs to be able to accept charitable donations, it can help to use these tablets in your operations.
Just like your donors, you can use a mobile device to transact donations.

Even better, you can do this at events. PayZang would be happy to equip you with tools that easily attach to your phone or tablet for fast and accurate acceptance of credit and debit card donations. This system is superior to only taking cash or checks (certainly better than writing down card numbers), and saves your organization time and money.
In the past, donations might have been given at events, but only in the form of cash or check.

Afterward, organizers had to physically gather everything, take it to the bank, and maybe even follow up with donors. With PayZang, all you have to do is swipe a card. We take care of processing the payment and getting the money into your account. From there, you can easily transfer it to your bank with the click of your mouse. Better yet, we can offer automatically generated confirmations for your patrons. Accurate, efficient and incredibly secure.
SSL encryption

Easy to use interface

Acceptance of all major credit cards

Real time mobile processing

Secure login

Compatibility with a number of popular devices

Fraud protection

Lower your transaction processing costs