Mobile Applications to Accept Donations at Events

There’s no question: Mobile devices are an integral part of daily life. Most people have some style of tablet or smartphone they carry everywhere. If you run a nonprofit organization that relies on charitable donations, it is imperative to offer giving options via mobile apps and mobile pay.
Engage mobile to inspire more.

Karma Payments will equip you with tools for fast and accurate acceptance of cashless giving. Instant Karma is small, handheld size, and portable. It is lightweight and can be held and paraded around a room. Walk and talk. Engage with donors one-on-one; inspire multiple donations—and give thanks—on the spot. Each donation takes a couple of seconds to process.(Instant Karma can be purchased, leased monthly, or rented per event.)

The donation screen faces the patron, who taps, swipes, scans, or dips their card, phone, or watch on the mobile device and contributes to your cause. Benefactors can easily increase the value with the touch of a button.

Our payment solutions will save your organization time and money.

Best practice: Invite an emcee to announce Instant Karma’s entrance, and Karma Payments' mobile app, to your event and explain how they effortlessly work. For example: “We have nonprofit champions in the audience who are accompanied by a savvy hand-held device. They will easily accept your cards and mobile pay for donations, payment of auction items, raffle tickets, and more. Thank you for sharing your generosity with us.”

Or, place the tabletop Instant Karma at a checkout location, on a countertop, or in the middle of your fundraiser to exponentially boost donations. “Find an Instant Karma near you to activate your philanthropy or purchase goods.”
SSL encryption

Easy-to-use interface

Acceptance of mobile pay and all major cards

Realtime mobile processing

Secure login

Compatibility with popular devices

Fraud protection

Lower your transaction processing costs