CRM to Manage Donors

In today’s data-fueled environment, non-profits and other organizations powered by donations need a way to manage donors in order to remain viable.
PayZang’s CRM services is one such way to accomplish this task by empowering non-profits and other organizations to view a complete snapshot of their donor pools at any time. This type of software also makes the complex business of managing a multi-faceted charity simpler and more efficient. Regardless of its size, scope or donor volume, non-profits can improve their operating procedures with this technology-rich merchant account service.
Explore the Advantages of Using CRM to Manage Donors

Non-profits are all different, but they still have the same basic need: having the ability to accomplish a mission of charitable purpose effectively. Traditionally, staff and volunteers track donors, expenses, donation amounts and other data manually with the help of spreadsheets and databases. Imagine how a non-profit organization might operate if workers could automate these tasks and shift their focus to the important business of helping. That’s where PayZang’s CRM service comes in, allowing you to simplify your work and reap these valuable rewards.
Manage donor activities and data from within a single environment

Sort and identify the most likely candidates for events and fundraisers

Track and maintain complete donor and campaign histories

Assign specific tasks to staff members

Track donor recruitment activities and conferences

Plan and organize fundraising events and contributions

Manage budget information from one central program

Use mobile devices and card readers to import donations on-the-spot

PayZang’s CRM system is available round-the-clock for your convenience and comes with the security of SSL encryption and powerful fraud prevention tools, and with our 24 hour customer support, you always have access to our knowledgebase so you can get the most out of CRM software. Contact a PayZang representative to find out more about CRM to manage donors.