Social Groups and Club Fundraising

Raise more money and expand your donor pool. Mobile technology ramps up the power of fundraising for all types of clubs, social groups, and organizations. Find success by marrying time-honored traditions with modern methods of accepting and processing donations.

Benefactors are more inclined to give on-the-spot when there is a mobile pay or card option. It’s easy to offer this flexibility when you partner with Karma Payments.

Collect donations immediately during events and club functions. Our comprehensive resources, Instant Karma, and mobile applications give you the tools to manage a successful fundraising campaign.

Instead of taking pledges and hoping to collect funds down the line, put smartphone technology to work in real-time with Karma Payments’ fast and secure products and features.
Improve your fundraising efforts and reap real benefits with a Karma Payments' account and mobile technology. A partnership allows you to:
Increase your donor base by offering flexible payment options.

Receive more donations in higher dollar amounts.

Establish personalized schedules for recurring donations.

Offer the option to donate with mobile pay and all major credit cards.

Our no-fuss platform supplies you with elite money management features like:
Secure logins with a unique username and password

Simple, easy-to-understand interface

A mobile card reader for donations on-the-go

An entire suite of web and mobile tools