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September 20, 2019
For Profit or Nonprofit: We Have You Covered
October 14, 2019

You’ve welcomed Instant Karma into your world. Let’s rock it with warm ups notes and our headline act for best practices.

Pre-show. Before receiving your tabletop, mobile, or integrated Instant Karma, our experts will pre-program any donation amounts you choose ($2, $5, $10, $100, etc.). Inspired to custom brand your device? We will design a model unique to your organization.

On your mark, get set, go. Once you have Instant Karma, it is ready to receive funds in seconds from Visa, MasterCard debit or credit cards, American Express, Discover Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. Simply open the box and power on (there is an on/off switch on the back). No set up or registration required.

Know when to hold ‘em. Instant Karma’s mobile model has a built-in handle. It is lightweight and can be held and paraded around a room. Walk and talk. Engage with donors one-on-one; inspire multiple donations—and give thanks—on the spot.

The donation screen faces the patron, who taps, swipes, scans, or dips their card, phone, or watch on the mobile device and contributes to your cause. Benefactors can easily increase the value with the touch of a button.

A royal welcome. Invite an emcee to announce Instant Karma’s entrance to your event and explain how it effortlessly works. For example: “We have nonprofit champions in the audience who are accompanied by a savvy hand-held device. They will easily accept your cards and mobile pay for donations, payment of auction items, raffle tickets, and more. Thank you for sharing your generosity with us.”

Or, place the tabletop Instant Karma at a checkout location, on a countertop, or in the middle of your fundraiser to exponentially boost donations. “Find an Instant Karma near you to activate your philanthropy or purchase goods.”

Lasting power. Mobile devices are designed to last eights hours after a full charge; longer if infrequent transactions are made. There is a charging port on the back of the device, next to the on/off switch. If Instant Karma is plugged in, it will function forever.

Speedy delivery. Each donation takes a couple of seconds to process. Once complete, a row of four lights will illuminate. You will also hear a beep and see a screen display confirming payment has been accepted. Instant Karma is paperless. If donors request a receipt, log in to your Karma Payments online account to access the transaction; print or send via text or email. (The IRS does not require receipts for contributions less than $250; a credit or bank statement satisfies proof of donation.)

A payment’s journey. All donations are securely processed through Karma Payments and are directly deposited into your organization’s bank account.

The more the merrier. Electronic giving increases the average cash donation amount by 300 percent. Some nonprofits have seen a 600 percent boost! To maximize results, leave Instant Karma in a community gathering place, local market, or your nonprofit’s lobby. A traditionalist? We’ll integrate Instant Karma with a cash box. Check out your options >>

We are here for you. Genuinely; we wouldn't be here without you. Connect with a Karma Payments guru to receive impeccable customer service. We believe our innovative technology will amplify your success and power-on the human connection.

If you are not already a hall of fame member, this is your chance to join our band.