Academic Endowments

“No one has ever become poor by giving.” - Anne Frank

You deserve A+ applause. We compliment your commitment in building a bright future. Every school deserves the support of ardent financial contributors. Those contributors deserve secure and straightforward ways to give. Cash is past; people expect the convenience of cashless transactions.
What’s the solution? Karma Payments offers personally designed services to accept streamlined donations. With Instant Karma, students, teachers, and administrators will never miss a fundraising opportunity again.

Our easy-to-use platform aids authorized users to process donations for a wide variety of educational purposes and elective opportunities.

Scholarly sense: Transitioning from cash and checks to digital is a smart choice. Many academic organizations already use online transactions for school fees and administrative accounting.
The shift to invite digital donations for school fundraisers is a no-brainer. As the industry leader for nonprofit donation solutions, Karma Payments supplies everything you need for fundraising. Use the app with a smartphone or tablet, or employ our handy mobile collection device.
Receive a greater volume of contributions in larger amounts.

Significantly reduce processing fees.

Feel safe with data encryption and powerful fraud protection.

Naturally expand your group of donors—existing and potential.

Harness real time receipt of funds.

Track donations with customized software.

Create recurring donations for repeat philanthropy.

Accept mobile pay, all major credit and debit cards, and eChecks.

Look forward to an illustrious year of fundraising!

Ensure your school has funds to enrich gold star students and dedicated faculty.
Karma Payments provides affordable and effective programs to connect with generous benefactors.